Skilled Trade Strategies

Apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job training with related classroom instruction to provide workers with experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. These programs are operated on a voluntary basis by employers, employer associations and labor organizations. The on-the-job training occurs at the employer’s work site and the classroom instruction takes place at the program’s training facility, a local technical school or a community college.

The apprenticeship training programs range from three to six years in length. Workers in these programs serve as valued members of the workforce throughout their training period, and earn wages and benefits while acquiring their skill.

There are more than a dozen skilled trades that offer construction related apprenticeship programs in our area. To learn more about these programs go to

For More Information

  • Your parents
  • Your counselor
  • Your math, science and technology teachers
  • Skilled tradespeople in your community
  • Local building trade union personnel
  • Community college representatives
  • Contractor association representatives
  • A Washtenaw Contractors Association Student Advocate: call 734-662-2570